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International Night

Join us as we travel the globe! All of the staff, students and families join together by celebrating all the different cultures and heritage. By gathering together at this event, we are able to see exhibits, performances, and try different cultural cuisines.


There is live entertainment in which students have the chance to be in the spotlight, some perform an original dance, sing a classic song from their culture, or simply dressed in their cultural attire. International Night is a

fun-filled event! 

Dr. Seuss Week

Marking the birthday of children’s favorite author Dr. Seuss, March is an important month for students. The ultimate goal is to promote reading for younger students in schools and to show students that reading is a vital part of their futures. We bring in guest readers to read to the children’s classes to get the students excited about reading. The most fun part of all is that the children get to wear crazy hats to school in celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday!

Our winter concert showcases the vocal talents of our students and all the hard work they have put into this special performance. It is guaranteed to add to your holiday spirit. Preparing for such a production gives students something to work towards in class. It reinforces the idea that a little bit of focused work each week can turn into a final product that we can all be very proud of! It has been a joy to watch the students come alive as they have gained more confidence while standing up on stage and performing in front of family and friends. 

Winter Concert

Scholastic Book Fair  

Hosting our school book fair helps us to ensure that your children are getting access to the best books for their 

reading levels and interests. Fun, interactive, beautifully designed books every child will love; full of beginning concepts and memorable characters. The Book Fair is a great way to get everyone excited about reading as well as a wonderful way to support our school. The Book Fair is a fun-filled event and an excellent opportunity to purchase books for your child’s class and your friends and family.

Thanksgiving Feast

Native American Day  


During the month of October, we celebrate Native Americans' Day through learning from educational resources that focus on the traditions, culture and background of Native Americans. 


The children get to see how the Native Americans lived, how they dressed and get a historical perspective of the Native American lifestyle.

Science Week


We are passionate about making science fun for kids. Science based activities offer endless creative learning opportunities. Science activities can also be fantastic for inspiring children who like to be very hands on with their learning.


Children are naturally curious and science activities are a great way to help them explore the world around them. Learning how to think logically and follow a scientific process has huge benefits to children as they grow up, helping them to plan, communicate, work creatively, solve problems and much more.

Crazy Hat Day

White Post Farms Visit


White Post Animal Farm is where kids can see and feed the many animals that live there year round. Children will be given food to hand feed the goats, sheep, cows, llamas, and more! Animal information signs are posted throughout the animal farm to make this a fun, learning experience. Children also pick pumpkins and enjoy hay rides! This is a great way to spend the afternoon with parents, students and teachers.



Field Day



Students celebrate the end of the school year with traditional field day fun! 

Cooperative games, water fun, and sports make the day special for everyone!

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