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The Toddler classroom offers very young children a unique year of self-development in a tender atmosphere of special understanding, respect and support where independence is practiced. This very specific structure fulfills the solid, physical, emotional and psychological needs of each child helping children to discover their full potential. 


Our 3-6 program offers a child-centered early education program composed of sensorial, Practical Life, Mathematics, Cultural, Language and creative areas of learning. This program builds upon this fact of childhood and works to keep the spark of intellect and self-confidence.


The Kindergarten program is based on extensive research on early childhood education and child development. Children learn and play in a joyful, nurturing, peaceful yet stimulating environment which is carefully prepared for their developmental stage.

The Elementary environment builds on the pre-primary experience, and reflects a new stage of development.

This experience will shape not only the child’s knowledge and skills, but also the child’s attitude about learning for the rest of their life.



Extended Care Program is offered to support many working families. Parents may schedule reserved times in our Extended Care Program by enrolling prior to the beginning of the school year. Drop-In care is available if space allows.



All children participate in daily activities throughout the summer weeks. The children enjoy indoor fun with Montessori materials, 

outdoor explorations, music and movement, enrichment thematic activities, hands-on art projects and crafts, water play using water

tables, squirt bottles, sprinklers and more!


The work of our Specialists is a vibrant component of our school programs. Led by a cadre of experts in their individual fields, our Specialists are passionate about the importance of learning as a lifetime habit of curiosity, observation, and thought.

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