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3-6 Program

Our 3 - 6 program offers a child-centered early education program composed of Sensorial, Practical Life, Mathematics, Cultural, Language and creative areas of learning. This program builds upon this fact of childhood and works to keep the spark of intellect and self-confidence.



Children manipulate and investigate everything     around them.


Our classrooms offer the finest collection of hands- on, mind-on activities.


We believe strongly in providing an environment   rich in all areas of learning so that the child can   choose his/her own intuition, what he/she is       ready to learn.


A rich environment creates and extends the child’s experience, challenging their minds in areas such as Music, Art, History, Geography, Science,        Language and Math.


We create an environment rich in experiments,     games, materials and books which the child can   select as the interest arises. This provides             experience of hand and mind working together for an intelligent purpose.


In the classroom, materials are attractively             arranged on shelves according to subject. Each    piece of material has a special permanent place   so that the children will know where to find it. 


Over a period of time, the children develop into a “normalized community” working with high 

concentration and few interruptions. 


These words reveal a child’s 

inner needs: 

Help me do it myself.




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