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Elementary Program

The Elementary environment builds on the pre-primary experience, and reflects a new stage of development. This experience will shape not only the child’s knowledge and skills, but also the child’s attitude about learning for the rest of their life.

The Elementary curriculum supports academic experience, exploration and individual progress.

Basic skill areas of Language and Mathematics are offered in classroom settings equally rich in Geography, Science, History and the Arts.

With guidance from teachers, students take ownership of their academic journey and design   their own educational plan.

Children work collaboratively and cooperatively with peers.

The classroom is designed to nurture imagination and reason. Designing our Elementary program   around the child’s natural cognitive abilities means that our focus is less on the facts and concepts we teach and more on what the children learn and how they learn it.

The children explore their own interests while meeting age-appropriate standards.

Our elementary students become confident, self- respecting individuals who possess a love of learning.

Children tend to be leaders, helpers and creative thinkers, as well as problem solvers.

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If teaching is to be effective with young children, it must assist them to advance on the way to independence.


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